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Capturing a wedding means being a part of one of the happiest times in a person’s life. It is our art to blend into the crowd and the culture to bring out the beauty of the moment. Nomad Flyers aims at capturing the real emotions behind the scenes. We consider ourselves to be artists who make you fall in love all over again as you go through your beautiful wedding album, filled with mesmerizing pictures of your big day.

Puran S Berad

“Nomad Flyers”

IS THE brainchild of Mr. Puran S Berad who started this journey with a dream of exploring love and memories through photographs and films. His sole purpose is to create a memory for his clients full of emotions, feelings, connection and love. Nomad Flyers intends to live the dream of their client and create honest images for lifetime. As a photographer, traveler, nomad and a dreamer, all he seeks is to capture those emotions which are not seen by the naked eye but a soul which connects and captures that which cannot be conveyed through any other medium.